Weaving Writing

Weavers of the Southern Highlands
University Press of Kentucky, 2003

After more the ten years of research into the weaving center of the Appalachian Mountains during the first part of the twentieth century, this book was published.

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Churchill Weavers: 80 Years of American Handweaving

This paper was presented at the Textile Society of America conference in 2004.

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My first published piece was submitted as a rather long letter to the editor in 1975. To date it remains the only time my work was used on the cover of a magazine. Living in Murray, Kentucky, with my college professor husband and three small boys, writing proved an excellent opportunity to publicize my work.

On my fortieth birthday the editor of Shuttle, Spindle & Dyepot phoned to discuss the name of my column. "Notes of a Pattern Weaver" continued and moved to the The Weaver's Journal.


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