From 1975 through the early 1990s, I wrote
several dozen articles about weaving
techniques and my approach to weaving.  This
link will take you to the page with pdf files for
most of them.

Weaving Writing
Over the years I have worked in series that
have both a subject and a visual theme.  All
the pieces are loom-controlled pattern
weaving. This link will take you to my major

Weaving Series
I have been a member of the Sixteens sample
exchange group since we sent our first effort
in 1979.  So, I now have hundreds of samples
that explore the use of sixteen harnesses in
lots of different weave structures.  I've
included my solutions to the yearly problem.

Sixteens Samples
Sixteens Sample Exchange
Certificate of Excellence
In 1976 I produced all the required work for
the Pilot Project
and was awarded the
Handweavers Guild of America Certificate of

Certificate of Excellence
My son and I designed my studio and he
did most of the construction.  I feel so
fortunate when I walk into this
wonderful space every morning.

Warping or Dressing the Loom
I thread my loom from front to back.  It
is a very time consuming process and
must be done accurately.

Weaving History Research
I rather backed into an interest in history when I
first went to the Hambidge Center in the northeast
Georgia Mountains.  While I was there as an artist,
I became fascinated by Mary Hambidge and wanted
to learn more about her.  This started me on a
long journey to learn more of weaving history.