Weaving Series
Lady of the LakeThis series is based
different lines of poetry from Sir Walter Scott’s
Lady of the Lake, a romantic poem set in the
Highlands of Scotland.   Central characters have
visual signatures and the settings and the mood
of events are captured in abstracted forms and
Rabun Gap – This series was inspired by the
life, work, and home of Mary Hambidge, who
had a weaving business in the northeastern
Georgia mountains during the early part of the
twentieth century.
Mountain Vision – This series was influenced
by places, colors, and events seen during
consulting trips to Peru, Morocco, Nepal, and
Portal – This is my most recent series which
suggests windows and doors and deals with
subjects of transitions, passages, and
changes.  Through exploring the property of
draping fabric, this series moves into the third
Portal Continued -- These pieces represent
the work added to the Portal series in 2012 -
Woven Fabric Collage -- These are framed
pieces that are constructed from many fabric that are
woven in different complex weave structures.