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This is the oldest of my looms -- a ten harness
Macomber that I got when Gary was in graduate
school in Tallahassee in the early 1970s.  I
bought it from Dr. Hoover who ran a
rehabilitation center in Virginia until he retired
to Florida.  He purchased it after attending a
weaving session at Penland.
The 16 harness loom was ordered soon after we
moved to Murray, Kentucky, in 1976.  I later tried
to convert it to a computer-assisted loom, but it
never worked reliably.  So, it was turned back into
a treadle loom.
The 24 harness AVL Studio loom is
computer-assisted.  I was able to
buy this from a local weaver.
I have the looms arranged back-to-back and
a work table with some essential supplies
and my electric bobbin winder.