The Sixteens
Sixteens Projects

1979: Twill                     
1980: Biederwand                 
1981: Damask             
1982: Doubleweave
1983: Clothing Fabric   
1984: Double Two-Tie         
1985: Doubleweave    
1986: Park Weaves
1987: Lace Weaves       
1988: Combined Weaves     
1989: Pique                 
1990: Lampas
1991: Twill Variations   
1992: Damask                     
1993: Star & Diamond  
1994: Network Drafting  
1995: Stitched Doubleweave    
1996: Taqueté          
1997: Brocade
1998: 3 or 4 Tie Block Weaves  Structures          
1999: O'Hara Technique     
2000: Bronson Lace
2001: Integrated Cell Weaves -- see 2015   
2002: Blended Drafts        
2003: Network Drafting      
2004: Turned Overshot     
2005: Piqué                 
2006: Turned Taqueté      
2007: Crackle
2008: Shadow Weave     
2009: Echo Weave         
2010: Beiderwand
2011: Corkscrew or Manifold
2012: Doubleweave
2013: Collapsed Weave (pleat, bump, & crimp)
2014: Four Color Doubleweave
2015: Deflected Doubleweave - 1
2015: Deflected Doubleweave - 2
The Sixteens is a sample exchange group of weavers all
across the United States and also in Canada and a few other
countries over its history.  

Each year the leader assigns a topic and we all produce a
fabric to the specification.  Then we cut generous samples
and with the pattern draft and comments on the joys and
trials of production, send them out to other members.

Marian Hoskinson formed the group.  By chance I sat next to
her during a meal at a weavers' conference and she
overheard me telling a friend that I had a sixteen harness
loom on order.  She handed me a paper explaining this new
group that would solve a weaving challenge utilizing
sixteen harnesses.  I joined on the spot.  

I am the only member from the original group that is still
active.  Loom trouble and building a new studio meant I
missed several years.  I have appreciated that the
assignments forced me to try new things.  When I am
confronted with the project I imagine the most typical
approach and then try to come up with something very

In the early years the group was kept to 30 members with a
waiting list.  As other sample opportunities became
available through the Complex Weavers the numbers have
dwindled to around 15 each year.  

I have wonderful notebooks from all of the years, with
creative samples on a wide variety of multiharness weave
structures.  By clicking on the year and project, my sample
and a copy of the draft and comments will appear.  
Technology improved over the years.