Handweavers Guild of America
Certificate of Excellence
The Certificate of Excellence requirements came out in Shuttle,
Spindle & Dyepot in the summer of 1995.  There was to be a pilot
project of one year.  I felt that I was destine to do the project
because my piece was on the cover of the magazine, but I did not
begin work in earnest until after moving to Murray, Kentucky on
February 1, 1976.

In reviewing this work, please remember this project was done
before we had the aid of much of the technology that has become
part of our everyday life.  My presentation and supporting
materials would have risen to a much higher level if current.

I have gone through an excellent weaving program at the School
of the Art Institute of Chicago under the direction of Else
Regensteiner and her assistant Lurene Stone.  However, there
were many challenges in the Certificate of Excellence weaving
requirements that I had never actually tried.  Drawing on my art
school training, I built in extras such as using different fibers, yarn
weights and textures, and a wide array of colors.  In looking
through the samples some I still like and others I know I should
have done a better job.  Below is the scoring chart used to
evaluate my work.

Because I was doing all the samples and the major project in a six
month period, I made a chart figuring out samples that could be
combined on a warp.  On a calendar, I charted exactly what
would need to be completed each week and pretty much stuck to
it.  As an incentive to keep me going, I arranged the samples from
my weakness to my strengths.  At the beginning of the summer, I
informed my college professor husband, that I was giving up
cooking and that he was now working for me.  It was his idea to
have the form printed for my documentation.  He cut the holes in
the forms, typed the papers, sewed samples on cards, figured
out shipping, and many other small, but necessary tasks.  So,
much gratitude goes to Gary Schroeder and our three boys --
Aaron, Ezra, and Isaac.  
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